Global Currency Crisis & Gold – What’s Really Going to Happen in 2011 – 2012

Following on from the first 2 parts in this series: Whats really going to happen in 2010 Whats going to happen in 2010/2011 – part II Another great writer and analyst makes it into our categories section, Bob Chapman of Global research with a seminal must read piece outlining the road ahead towards a new [...]

Gold & Silver Prices

Historical Gold & Silver Prices

Gold 1990 – 2010

gold price

Up, up and away….

..As can see the Gold price is on the up since 2005, this is always a sign of a loss of faith in paper currencies, this chart is in GBP Sterling..

You  will now be hard-pressed to find a single financial adviser or commentator who is not “Bullish” on Gold’s future over the next few years.

Silver 1995 – 2010

Silver potentially offers an even bigger opportunity over the long term than gold does, the Silver price is comparatively low currently. Expressed as a ratio compared to Gold, and stands at approx 69:1 currently 2009 (as of Aug 28) and traditionally tends to resume towards it’s original 15-1 ratio in troubled times.

Therefore if Gold rose to [say] $2000 USD per Oz, it is not unreasonable to expect that Silver could potentially get to $133 per Oz !!

As it’s more affordable and also has industrial demand which is expected to increase into the future, Silver is a great diversification route if you already own Gold.

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