Global Currency Crisis & Gold – What’s Really Going to Happen in 2011 – 2012

Following on from the first 2 parts in this series: Whats really going to happen in 2010 Whats going to happen in 2010/2011 – part II Another great writer and analyst makes it into our categories section, Bob Chapman of Global research with a seminal must read piece outlining the road ahead towards a new [...]

Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver? Get it Free! – Then Watch All the Best Crash JPM Videos in One Place!

Here’s an interesting idea from the ever-lively Max Keiser (watch video) -> who has suggested that if everybody in America buys a one Oz Silver coin, that would take physical Silver off the market, drive the price higher, and crash JP Morgan via margin calls on their short positions in Silver derivatives.. Well here’s a thought, how about everybody just signs up to Bullionvault and gets their one Oz of Silver FREE?

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So, that explained, we now present you with what we consider to be the best videos people have made, and will continually update this post with the best of the latest offerings:

The Best “Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver” Videos

Latest Crash JPM news – 3 Wks-in  Must-Watch  its Working!

Price up 9% in the 3 weeks since campaign started, silver shortages!

Silver Manipulation Explained :) – Note Adult Language Used

Most amusing, a must-watch.

Hitler again – Adolf does Jamie Dimon at $500 Silver

Da Vinci Code Parody – The Keiser Code

The Modern day “Hunt Brothers” Unite Against JPM?

The Chinese Silver Bullet – Reducing Silver Exports by 40%

Silver Update – JPM Hurting Badly – $400 Silver Here We Come..

Crash JPM with U2 – Silver & Gold

Take the Power back – great 5min summary of it all.

Bob Chapman & Eminem – Crash JPM

Nein Nein Nine – JP Morgan

Check back for more Crash JPM videos as we see them.


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