Global Currency Crisis & Gold – What’s Really Going to Happen in 2011 – 2012

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Ron Paul To Audit US Gold & Probe Leasing & Swaps

by admin on 29/05/2011

Ron Paul was interviewed on CNBC earlier this week..  –>

At around the 4 minute mark..

“And besides, I’d sorta like to see how much gold is actually there, and whether we’ve made any agreements to loan out our gold, or sell the gold because there’s a lot of questions about that..”

“.. matter of fact I’m going to have hearings about having a true audit of the gold, and they’re very very resistant to that, but if the gold is all there, and there are no attachments to the gold, whats the big deal, why shouldn’t the people know that it’s there?”

We think Ron Paul should now be considering employing independent bodyguards from outside of the USA.

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