Global Currency Crisis & Gold – What’s Really Going to Happen in 2011 – 2012

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Peter Schiff IS Still Right! Buy Gold, Buy Silver

by admin on 13/03/2011

Just a quick post as an excuse to bring you a couple of new Peter Schiff videos we’ve stumbled across recently, and announce that we have a new Peter Schiff Video page where we have grouped together all of his classic speeches in one place for your convenience.

Anybody who doesn’t know who peter is should watch this video to the right here and see if you think he might just know what he’s talking about?   Then watch a few more short ones below, as the speeches on the main page are all over an hour, but are essential listening if you want to understand fully the real reasons behind the US’ collapse and depression.

Here’s his 2011 predictions on CNBC at the end of 2010

When we first discovered Peter several years ago, over several months we went though his old Europac website and listened to every single one of his archived radio shows, “Wall Street Unspun” dating back to 2006, listening to his explanations and predictions with the benefit of knowing what had since come true was nothing short of stunning.

Peter Schiff Radio

These days he is to be found on his daily (2 hour) radio show- where you can listen live every weekday, or catch a rolling loop of the previous show free, or you can sign up as a premium subscriber for the full access to everything, which is well worth the small charge.

We are eternally grateful to Peter for the role he played in our re-education and the free financial advice we have benefited so greatly from these last few years, indeed were it not for Peter, this website you are reading now might not even have existed.

So we’ll leave you with one more shortish demonstration of his total understanding in amongst the rest of the  clueless buffoons, and then you should head over to his page and bookmark it because there’s several hours viewing there for when you’re ready.

Peter Schiff’s Best Quotes – Classic Stuff :)

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