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Alan Greenspan Says “Gold is Universally Acceptable as Means of Payment”

by admin on 06/03/2011

Alan Greenspan continued telling the truth yesterday (well partially anyway) on a CNBC interview when asked about the Gold price and the rising oil costs  watch video– >>

We say “partially” as he seemed to flip-flop on his previous statements on the subject by saying that it would be “too difficult” to return to the Gold standard, but that of course must be compared to “what”?

When compared to a global FIAT meltdown and armageddon, it may not comparatively be that “difficult” at all -  in fact Greenspan knows all too well that post-meltdown, the monetary metals,  Gold and Silver will be the default standard, having been reimposed on Central bankers by the world’s people.

Greenspan said:

“Now I’m not saying we can, or we should go back onto the Gold standard, that would be extremely difficult, and would requires such vast changes that this society has made no indication that it want’s to do that..”

Just prior to this he said (starting at 3 mins 20secs) :

“Well it’s not so much a question of inflation, when you have two faulty FIAT currencies, the Euro and the Dollar are both faulty, but probably almost equally faulty..”

“..But what the price of Gold is saying is that there are elements within the marketplace that feel very uncomfortable with what is going on generally, and it’s not an accident that central banks are going in to buy gold..”

“..One of the reasons is that gold historically if one of the very rare media of exchange, that doesn’t require and collateral or backing, counter-signatures..”

“Gold is universally acceptable as a means of payment..”

To us it does not get any clearer than this, when the ex Head Central Banker at the helm of the global economic ship who actually rammed it into the iceberg tells you that the Euro and the Dollar are both as faulty as each other, and Gold is historically the only universally accepted lifeboat ticket, or means of  payment with no counterparty risk..

If you’re not hearing this message, you need to start,  “Listening but not hearing”  now will quite possibly be the difference between your economic survival (if not prosperity) or going down with the ship into the dark icy cold depths of Fiat death.

Putting yourself on the Gold or Silver Standard is so easy these days, we are 100% long Gold & Silver  bullion, bought at Spot Prices, since 2009 with metals stored safely in vaults in Zurich and London via Bullionvault.

As ZeroHedge would say -  BTFD !! (Buy the F****in Dips)


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