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Is Google Adwords Censoring “Crash JP Morgan” ?

by admin on 22/11/2010

Update 26-11 – “Crash JP Morgan” Ads now showing  – skip to latest

Since Max Keiser started this whole “Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver” campaign ten days ago, the internet is on fire with new material on the theme, but strangely no PPC ads yet? – So we thought we’d  set up a little campaign and see what happened, the results are quite interesting, Google won’t let you advertise on the term alleging that there are not enough searches done on this so they (kindly) suspend your ads for you.

If you can’t read the notice it says:

“Low Search Volume

This keyword has generated very little search traffic on Google properties.  In which case we suspend your keyword. A keyword can have a low search volume for a variety of reasons, including a lack of relevance to user’s searches because of keyword obscurity, specificity or a significant misspelling of the intended keyword”

Er…  Bullshit!!

They didn’t come to this conclusion without making us up the bid from 0.04 GBP ($0.08)  to 1.50 GBP ($3)  per click first though..

And Google insights is showing some volume..

Although nothing like the true volume because even our little “Crash JP Morgan”  post has had more than 300 hits from the term from back on the second and third pages, so the traffic at the top of page 1 will be exponentially higher. But  even working only our traffic figures, at 1.50GBP per click Google could have taken 450.00GBP ($900) from us in the last week or so or $46,500 annually from one site alone, but apparently that

“isn’t significant enough traffic, and the keywords are suspended”

Hmm … Does anybody else find this fishy? – We have heard Alex Jones claim Google censors him and have always been skeptical of these types of claims until now, but this does seem odd.  Anyway, if you want to get involved-

..and if you want to see all the best Crash JPM videos in one place go here

UPDATE 26-11 -2010

The ads started showing on Adwords last night, at a cost of 0.94pence each!!

The high cost per click is obviously because of the intense competion bidding for it..

It is still showing the Low search volume message on the main phrase..

But now is saying that we’re only picking up a tiny proportion of the crash JP Morgan searches because there’s NOT ENOUGH BUDGET??!!

We don’t think Google are censoring “Crash JP Morgan”, just their usual maximizing  revenue as usual. They are forcing us to pay approx $1.50 per click, AGAINST NO OTHER BIDDERS AT ALL, and on the one hand saying there’s no traffic volume, but on the other hand saying that $300 per month won’t be enough, we need to pay $1500 per month.

The other full phrase, which if anything has higher search volume however IS still showing as no impressions, no volume, no interest.


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censored April 11, 2011 at 20:14

Twitter censoring “Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver”?

Twitter censoring “Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver”? April 11th, 2011 by maxkeiser.

Zipped screen capture video of Twitter …

admin April 11, 2011 at 20:53

hello there.

liking your sneaky comment campaign, wondering how many other webmasters are going to just put it live “as-is” and let their Wordpress email to say so..?

- but not us.. ;)

anyway we actually downloaded and watched that zip file and it looks more like a Twitter glitch than censorship to be honest.

if you haven’t seen twitter glitching like that before you haven’t used it too much is all we would say.

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