Global Currency Crisis & Gold – What’s Really Going to Happen in 2011 – 2012

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Peter Schiff – Has the Gold Bubble Burst?

by admin on 10/12/2009

Honestly it’s quite amazing, one little correction in the Gold price, giving back just the very top of a 3 month upwards run that’s taken the yellow metal from one new high to the next, day after day, like 19 times in one month, and everyone’s panicking saying things like:

The “gold bubble has burst” ?  ..c’mon now, seriously..

We just watched Gold buying go from sub $1000,  straight through to $1225+ in two months, nothing just goes straight up all the time, but one suspect unemployment report, (suspiciously timed to coincide with Bernanke’s application for re-instatement to office) and suddenly the world’s a different place?

All of the pro-gold factors that have driven the price to a 370% + rise over the last decade, while the $USD lost still more of it’s buying power over that time, are still there. Nothing’s changed, get a grip, use the dip as a major buying opportunity, because that’s what history will show that it was.

Listen to what Peter Schiff has to say, he’s been right this far, who are you going to trust, him or Bernanke?

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