Global Currency Crisis & Gold – What’s Really Going to Happen in 2011 – 2012

Following on from the first 2 parts in this series: Whats really going to happen in 2010 Whats going to happen in 2010/2011 – part II Another great writer and analyst makes it into our categories section, Bob Chapman of Global research with a seminal must read piece outlining the road ahead towards a new [...]

Mark Faber Says “US Dollar is Going to Zero”

by admin on 11/11/2009

Mark Faber “long term target for the $US Dollar is exactly zero”

“the safest currencies are precious metals”

“Bernanke is a money-printer..  One of the symptoms of inflation is a weak currency..”

“…If I had to go to prison for 10 years and choose just one currency to invest in, I would choose Gold. It may go up, it may go down, but it will keep some of it’s purchasing power..

..That’s more than you can say for many currencies, especially the $US Dollar…”

“Robert Mugabe is the mentor of Mr Ben Bernanke..” :)   – I guarantee you the Federal Reserve will print and print and print…”

Do yourself a favour, get started buying Gold now, and get a FREE Gram!

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